Super lung activity

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We have received a great deal of feedback from the release of the new book.

The most damaged organ / lung with the new coronavirus.
Lung activity not only improves lung function, but also improves autonomic nerve function and boosts immunity.

Activates the heart and blood vessels
When lung function declines, the amount of oxygen that can be ingested decreases, which puts a strain on the heart and damages organs other than the lungs.However, when the lungs are activated, fresh and nutritious energy is distributed throughout the body, and all organs function.

Improves concentration by improving cerebral blood flow deficiency
Many people with accumulated brain fatigue may be affected by decreased lung function and have high levels of sympathetic nerves even before sleep, which may prevent them from being able to sleep.If you learn the correct breathing method, it will improve blood flow, remove fatigue substances, and improve your brain's qi.

Immunity improvement of the whole body
The smooth flow of blood in all blood vessels is the key to transporting immune cells throughout the body and boosting immunity, but what is the best way to keep blood circulation functioning smoothly?

It is "lung activity stretch".

Hiroyuki Kobayashi, a leading expert in autonomic nervous research, has published a book summarizing the contents of joint research with a professor at Juntendo University School of Medicine..
How to increase "lung power" that can only manipulate the autonomic nerves and increase immunity

The unknown "great power of the lungs"
Ekmo only acts as an extracorporeal substitute for "gas exchange by the lungs" / Lung weakening from the 20s.Moreover, broken alveoli cannot be restored / Lung activity is optimal for prevention of infectious diseases and lifestyle-related diseases / Increased lung vitality improves "blood quality" itself ... etc

The spread of the new coronavirus should have made you realize that you have to protect yourself, especially against new infectious diseases, until you get a vaccine.
The immunity required to get the best physical condition, which is not defeated by unknown viruses, is enhanced by training the lung function that can manipulate the autonomic nerves.
From this book, improve your lung function and get the best physical condition!