A silver bullet for the new corona infection! ??

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 When I was watching WBS the day before yesterday, it was reported that a promising candidate was found from an existing drug that could be a silver bullet for the new coronavirus infection.
Camostat may also be a powerful new corona silver bullet, but it is epoch-making that it was found in an existing antidepressant drug with few side effects.
This experiment was performed using ips cells.
Both camostat and clomipramine have great characteristics.
It's hard to be reported, but I would like to explain it.

I tried to summarize this feature and possibility.

・ Pharmaceutical companies have little profit due to low drug prices
・ The existing drug has already been clinically experienced and has exhausted side effects, so it is relatively safe and easy to take.
・ The low drug price means that it is difficult to conduct clinical trials to determine the effectiveness of the new corona infection.Even if a large amount of clinical trial costs are required and the efficacy is confirmed, unlike new drugs, the drug price is kept low and no profit can be expected on the company side.
→ There is a high possibility that clinical trials will not be conducted.Therefore, the possibility of clinical application cannot be guaranteed.
・ There is a possibility that administration at your own expense will be carried out at medical institutions.
・ It may be effective for preventive and mutant viruses, and there are attempts to improve its effectiveness by using it in combination with other drugs.

→ I bought it for the time being.
I myself have no experience of administration to patients with depression, but I think that it may be possible to prevent it.

On the 17th, research groups such as Kyushu University Graduate School have the effect of preventing the new coronavirus from invading cells and suppressing the growth of the virus even after the invasion of the existing antidepressant drug "clomipramine" (trade name Anafranil). Announced that it has found out.Following animal experiments, patients will proceed with clinical trials.

 The group, which started the research in May last year, emphasized that it blocks the invasion of the virus into cells. After narrowing down from 5 types of existing drugs to 1200 types and trying them, it was found that clomipramine has a great effect.

 It was confirmed that it is also effective in suppressing virus growth in experiments using cardiomyocytes derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells).When administered before and after virus invasion, growth was suppressed in both cases.

 The group also demonstrated that remdesivir, which the government recognizes as a treatment for corona, and clomipramine have different mechanisms of action, so their combined use amplifies the effect.It is said that a certain effect can be expected for mutant viruses.Professor Motohiro Nishida (cardiac physiology) of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences says, "I want to accumulate clinical examples and put them into practical use as soon as possible."