Evidence of stretching

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Most people think that stretching to loosen the body is good for the body, and doing it before sports can improve performance and prevent injuries.
However, in recent years, the concept has been overturned, and it has become clear that static stretching for XNUMX seconds or more reduces exercise performance and does not help prevent injuries.
Many papers around the world have been published in the XNUMXth century, many denying the effectiveness of static stretching.


What a static stretch that has always been done before and after physical education and club activities at school ...
It didn't make any sense.
There is also a paper that there is no evidence that static stretching improves performance, recovers from fatigue, and prevents muscle soreness.

But do leaders know this fact in school education?

Unfortunately, static stretching is still painfully long and frequent in elementary and junior high schools, and many sports classes and self-proclaimed trainers force children and athletes to scream. I will see you.
Unlike static stretching, which only stretches forcibly, dynamic stretching puts an excessive load on tendons, ligaments, muscles, and fascia, and there is almost no risk of injury.
If you force a static stretch to the extent that it causes pain, the tendons, ligaments, and even muscles will surely be destroyed.

We advocate preparatory exercises and exercises to replace stretching.
A certain actor visited the clinic today and learned dynamic stretching exercises instead of static stretching.

Japan is the host country of the Tokyo Olympics.
Knowledge of exercise, training and stretching must also be developed countries,