Art production

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Today, I made some modifications to the art I made earlier.
Cosmetology Surgeon & Artist www.nobu-suetake.comAs
I tried to express the universe using the parts of the clock created by human beings.
Clock gear.It is a functional art material that was actually ticking.
I am very interested in watches, but the current mainstream is digital watches.
An analog clock XNUMX-XNUMX years ago.
The internal structure of self-winding and hand-wound watches is truly the ultimate analog precision instrument.
I have disassembled many watches that have finished their role so far, but the internal structure of SEKO Citizen and the watch makers that Japan is proud of is excellent.Personally, I like Omega.The brilliance of rose gold.
The parts themselves are art.

Most people like the look of the watch and buy it, but they don't have the opportunity to observe the internal structure.
We thought that the functional structure, which was calculated and studied for this internal structure and filled with the history of humankind for many years, is suitable for art materials, and revived the splendor of the structure of this watch as art.