Pit of jaw formation treatment

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Most of the patients who come to our hospital with the desire to form wrinkles are thought to be able to form a beautiful chin part just by injecting hyaluronic acid.
Jaw formation used to be a silicone prosthesis insertion, but many are now done with hyaluronic acid injections.

What are the benefits of hyaluronic acid injection jaw formation?

XNUMX: Almost no swelling
XNUMX: Low risk of internal bleeding
XNUMX: Easy to adjust the amount
XNUMX: Almost no pain before and after the procedure
XNUMX: Little risk of infection
XNUMX: Short treatment time and less burden on patients
XNUMX: Even if excessive formation occurs, it can be restored.

There are quite a lot of merits and it has become easy to do.
There is also an advantage on the part of doctors that the procedure is easy and even doctors with little experience in cosmetic surgery can safely perform it.
But,There are also big pitfalls in jaw formationIf you do not choose an indication, you may have a more unnatural jaw.

For those with well-developed mentalis muscles, if the mouth is consciously closed and the lower lip rises, so-called umeboshi-shaped wrinkles will occur in the chin area.
A doctor who has experience as a cosmetologist should be aware of this condition, and in this case, if you inject only hyaluronic acid, the injected hyaluronic acid will lift up and the jaw will look like a hump unnaturally. I know.
If you are in this state, you should always inject Botox at the same time to limit the excessive movement of the mentalis muscle.

I always look at the movement of the patient's mentalis muscle to accurately determine the need for Botox injection and the location and amount of hyaluronic acid injection for treatment.
Petit plastic surgery is a technique that seems easy, cosmetic surgery, but it requires experience and careful consideration.
Hyaluronic acid injection is essential for plastic surgery, but its correct and proper use requires daily training and research.
At our hospital, we strive to provide a natural finish by selecting and implementing a combination treatment of Botox and hyaluronic acid injection.