Autonomic nervous function measurement

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Autonomic nerves are attracting attention, but few doctors can explain them well.
Twenty-five years have passed since I started researching autonomic nerves in earnest.
Autonomic nerves even though he is a cosmetologist?Many people seem to be wondering,The autonomic nerve is software if it is compared to a PC that controls everything inside the body.
Of course, the autonomic nerves are closely related to both beautiful skin and diet.
If you can control the autonomic nerves, great results are waiting for beauty and health.
We have been measuring autonomic nerves for many years, but we have measured and accumulated the autonomic nerve data of the largest number of top athletes in Japan.
Based on this result, we have provided guidance on improving the physical abilities of athletes.

The characteristic of autonomic nerve training is that it is more effective than muscle training.
By the way, my autonomic nervous function level is astronaut and top athlete level.
every day.We are doing autonomic nerve training.
Anyone can train the autonomic nerves.
Not only can you train, but you can also take care of yourself on a daily basis.
Breathing is the key to doing it yourself.
Autonomic nerve training is also recommended for those who have weakened immunity due to the new corona infection.
Since there is currently no silver bullet for the new corona, strengthening autonomic nervous function is the key to self-defense.It will be.
Improving autonomic nervous function leads to increased immunity.