Cosmetic surgeon is an artist

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For over XNUMX years as a cosmetologist, I have honed my sensibility as an artist.
See beautiful things, look for beautiful things, and create beautiful things.
I often visit museums on my days off, but I also make art myself.

I want to create art that feels beautiful that humankind has never seen.
This is also my dream.
The pursuit of beauty is in line with the work of today's cosmetologists and is the best training to develop your sensibility.

Among them, the glass that human beings created about XNUMX years ago is buried in the soil of the Mediterranean coast, and the Roman glass with a worm-colored color called Patina, which is beautiful in that environment.
I am attracted to my heart.
It is the ultimate art created by humankind and the earth.

I made a successful bid for a beautiful Roman cosmetic bottle about XNUMX years ago at an overseas auction.

I am healed by watching it every day.