What is the audience for the Tokyo Olympics?

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As the Tokyo Olympics are approaching, it's time to make a tough choice.
The announcement was already delayed from the doctor's eyes.
I think that if we announced it earlier, we could have paid off many downsides.

Can it be held due to various factors such as vaccines, the world's corona infection status, the number of infected people in Japan and the number of beds occupied?What will the audience do?
There were various options.

I am in charge of lectures at Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine in sports risk management.

Although he is also an expert in this field, it seems that the announcement will be made a little too late even from an objective point of view.

The Olympics are a celebration of peace
Olympics linked to sports & health
Not only players but also the press and spectators flooded from all over the world
Medical personnel wait at the Olympic venue due to heat stroke
Difficult to distinguish between heat stroke and new corona infected
All national vaccinations are not in time for the event
Qualifying has not been completed in the world yet
Some major countries are locked down
Variants siege in Brazil and explode infected people
If you look at the world, it's still far from the end
Whether volunteer training is possible

· · ·
Many problems are piled up.
The voices and opinions of athletes without simulation have not reached the public
What about Paralympian health care? ?? ??

The event was medically unreasonable by any means, and if it was decided to hold it, the conditions for the event should have been set out earlier.

Was sports risk management really done?
I'm sorry.
Personally, I would like to support the hosting of the Olympic Games, but considering the risks of problems occurring during and after that, I can't say it out loud.