Professor, Faculty of Medicine I am supervising the book of super lung activity.

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I have been studying autonomic nerves, breathing, exercise, and training for many years at Juntendo University School of Medicine in collaboration with Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi of Juntendo University School of Medicine.

While people all over the world are worried about the spread of the new corona infection, I will protect myself.
Those with underlying illnesses are at extremely high risk of developing pneumonia due to coronavirus infection.
If you have lung disease, the risk is even higher.

The term lung activity has become quite common, but I think many people do not know the true meaning of the term by walking alone.

People who recommend lung activity also pay attention only to the improvement of lung function, and it seems that the important autonomic nerves and immunity improvement are ignored.

Brain activity → intestinal activity → lung activity

The flow of interest is changing with the times.
Improves lung function.
Increase lung age.
Make it easier to breathe.

For thisWe develop and practice lung activity trainingI have been teaching many people for many years.
Current,Many top athletes representing Japan have also practiced and realized the remarkable effect.

Lung activity training completed by a functional anatomical approach, an exercise physiology approach, and an autonomic neurological approach.

In this book, I actually measured lung age and lung function before and after lung activity training using a measuring device called a spirometer that can quantify lung function tests.
How!A XNUMX-year-old man with a long history of smoking obstructive lung disease also improved to a lung age of XNUMX after only two weeks of daily lung activity training.Was.
I was pleased that my high blood pressure had dropped, my shortness of breath had disappeared, and my days were surprisingly comfortable.

Lung activity training, which is thoracic training

XNUMX: Improved lung function
XNUMX: Improvement of autonomic nerve function
XNUMX: Immunity up

You can expect the three effectiveness of.

It could be a sufficient means of self-defense against the new Corona.
I hope that this book will be the light and hope of many people who have been living anxious days with the new Corona.

The content is a little difficult, but it is readable and readable by anyone.
You can understand the importance of autonomic nerves, breathing method, and lung function just by reading this book.
You will get a wealth of knowledge about breathing and improving lung function with this book.

We hope that it will be of some help to your health.