I received a professional boxing trainer license.

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XNUMX JBCI received a professional boxing trainer license.

I have been involved in professional boxing as a professional boxing person for over XNUMX years after obtaining a license.
So far, World Title Match, Oriental Pacific Title Match, Japan Title MatchSecondI was blessed with the opportunity to get involved and was able to fight with the players.
As a cutman, I am honored to be able to take care of the wounds during the match.

Due to the influence of the new Corona, many professional boxing performances have been canceled and it is still difficult to hold games.Many professional boxer players are forced to retire after their sponsors have left.

Even though professional boxers are professionals, it is a tough sport in Japan where only a few people can make a living from boxing fight money.
Even if you become the world champion, you will not be able to make a living from fight money alone unless you continue to defend yourself.
It is relatively easy to pass the protest and obtain a C-class license for a professional boxer, but it is difficult to actually play a match and win XNUMX wins to be promoted to B-class.

The spread of the new corona infection has brought about major changes in the sports world.
It's a little power, but I hope it helps athletes even a little.