Guidance to athletes is lung activity & autonomic nerve training

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Yesterday, professional surfer Keishiro Nishi came to the hospital for training guidance.

Weight training, core training, and circuit training are not the only trainings for improving performance.

This time, he gave guidance on how to power up the software and how to use the body efficiently for him who has already reached the physical ability as a professional surfer.
Currently, I am conducting joint research with Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi at Juntendo University School of Medicine. Autonomic nerve training and lung activity training.
All of them can be expected to have immediate effects, and you can immediately feel the changes in your body.
In the past, it took time to realize that the training improved physical ability, and it was often unclear whether the training really suits me.
Training with autonomic neurology, functional anatomy, and exercise physiology approaches will definitely improve the athlete's physical fitness.

Nishi immediately realized its effectiveness and changed his body.
It has been decided that the surfing competition of the Paris Olympics will be held in Tahiti, but I would like you to play an active part in the world as a Japanese national team player.

Nishi is supported. We had a dinner with Hiroyuki Nakatsu, who is a business in Hawaii, and Ryo Sato, a make-up artist who is a friend of mine.
Mr. Nakatsu is a former husband of a national actress.Surfers are supported on the North Shore.I myself am a surfer and I am still training and training my body, but my training guidance gave me a real sense of the big changes in my body.

At the dinner, I had a good time talking about the current situation in Hawaii and the nostalgic North Shore and Kailua.
About XNUMX years ago, I was actually a windsurfer.
I remember going to Kailua Beach every year to do windsurf fins alone.
I was surprised when I visited Hawaii a few years ago because the city looks completely different from XNUMX years ago.
The situation in Waikiki and Hawaii is likely to change significantly with this new corona.