Temperature difference with the world of the Tokyo Olympics

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The government has begun to move toward the Tokyo Olympics.
It feels like holding the Tokyo Olympics is anything.
Personally, I want to watch the game, I want you to hold it, I want you to keep the athlete's dream ... I'm worried about the damage to Japan when the Olympics are canceled, and the future of sports and athletes ...

It seems that such an article was published in a column of The Times on March XNUMXrd.
This article is negative and criticizes Japan's Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Certainly, the content of this article is understandable in the UK, where the number of infected people and the number of deaths are incomparably higher than in Japan after a complete lockdown with Japan.
The Olympic Games are not held only by Japanese people, but more than XNUMX athletes, officials and the press are rushing to Tokyo from all over the world for four weeks, so it has become possible to play professional baseball well and watch the J League. It is not a target for comparison on a scale of.

Many people were looking forward to the Tokyo Olympics.
Although the current situation is that the spread of infection has subsided, there is a possibility that the fourth wave will come.
The reality is that financial exhaustion, new corona exhaustion, and more than half of the people's feelings are far from the Olympics.
Watching the Olympic Games four times so far https://www.sakae-clinic.com/dr_blog/4547.html
, The athletes who belonged to their own team were elected to the Athens Olympics Heptathlon Japan National Team and went to support the Athens Olympics as the general manager of the Athletics Department of the Sakae Clinic. Since I have been in charge of conditioning, care, and treatment, I have a strong desire for the Olympic Games and the desire to hold it.
I would like athletes to publish the scenario as soon as possible, even if it is impossible to make clear criteria and decisions such as whether or not the event will be held and whether or not there will be spectators.
I am fully aware of the risk that I will not be able to make a judgment because an unknown virus is spreading, but the motivation is declining. Even with the current situation where qualifying for athletes is in jeopardy, the world is in turmoil.
The feeling of unfairness is unwieldy.

Can the Olympics be held in the name of a festival of world peace?
I look forward to a conclusion later this month.