I made my own eye drops with placenta medicine.

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Formulations commonly used as placenta injections in medical institutionsMelsmon,LaennecTwo types.
The efficacy is almost the same, but the efficacy is different when used for insurance.
Melsmon has menopause
Laennec is liver dysfunction
It is adapted to.

At beauty clinics, many patients are injected for aging care, fatigue recovery, and skin beautification, but Melsmon is popular because it causes less pain during injection.
I experimented with Melsmon and tried to apply it directly to the eyeballs.
I feel a lot of pain.
I don't feel any pain when I instill Laennec.

This is because the pH of the drug, the manufacturing method, and the base material are different.
Therefore, Melsmon is not suitable for use as eye drops.
Laennec is effective.

The present invention is an eye disease therapeutic agent containing Laennec (trade name) as an active ingredient.Laennec, which is an active ingredient, has a therapeutic effect on a wide range of eye diseases due to its action of increasing the amount of tears, and although it is a biological component, it is highly safe.Therefore, the therapeutic agent for eye diseases of the present invention includes various eye diseases, particularly corneal disorders, dry eye, eyestrain, inflammatory eye diseases (eg, meibomian gland dysfunction, Stevens Johnson syndrome, Sjogren's syndrome, uveitis, etc.) ), It can be used for the prevention and treatment of eye diseases caused by active oxygen (for example, cataracts, glaucoma, age-related meibomian gland degeneration, meibomian gland atrophy, etc.).

There is a treatise with the abstract of.


To put it plainly Placenta eye drops can be expected to be effective for eye diseasesIt is
Of course, there are no over-the-counter drugs.
Since you have to make it yourself, it will be manufactured at a medical institution.

I personally use my own placenta eye drops when I am thirsty or have trouble with my eyes.

Placenta eye drops are made by adding XNUMXA of Laennec to a preservative-free artificial tear called Soft Santia.

Placenta has also been confirmed to have an effect of removing active oxygen, which is effective for rejuvenating the eyes.maybe.

... means cataracts and glaucoma that causes optic nerve atrophy.

I can't wait for future research and treatises.