Rejuvenation of lung age with lung activity exercise

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The other day A certain publisherIt was an interview of a book related to lung activity and a measurement of lung function after XNUMX weeks of lung activity exercise for subjects.

Due to the influence of the new corona, attention is focused on lung function.
Immunity is also a topic, but it is said that lung function makes a difference between life and death after the new corona infection.
In the underlying diseaseCOPDPulmonary dysfunction called is an extremely high risk of aggravation.
Lung function has not received much attention until now, but the spread of the new corona infection has attracted a lot of people's attention.

I have beenProfessor Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Department of General Medicine, Juntendo University School of MedicineI have been working with autonomic nerves, training, and developing exercises to improve lung function, and have been in charge of coaching many top athletes.
I think that lung function improvement exercises and training guidance have undoubtedly provided guidance to the largest number of top athletes in Japan.

Improved lung function can definitely improve athletes' performance in sports.
Even the general public is expected to make their daily lives easier, improve lifestyle-related diseases, and improve various diseases.

Breathing is also a training of breathing such as yoga, tai chi, martial arts, Pilates and meditation, as it has long been said to be the best health method.

For training special forces in Europe and the United StatesBiofeedbackThe breathing training is adopted and incorporated into the astronaut training program.

Breathing, or improving lung function, is essential for cutting-edge sports medicine, military and space exploration.

This month, we conducted an evidence-based functional anatomy, exercise physiology, and autonomic neurological approach with Professor Kobayashi. Lung activity exercise bookWill be released.

All of the subjects' monitors improved their lung function in XNUMX weeks and had obstructive disorders. In the monitors who had smoked for many years, the lung age of XNUMX years improved to XNUMX years, which is younger than the actual age.

Quantitative evaluation of lung activity is a spirometer.
It is also the first reference book in Japan to measure and consider the effectiveness of lung activity by measuring with a spirometer.
Doctor-managed lung activity.
There is a sense of security.
I have a feeling that the term lung training is more popular than muscle training.
Muscle training does not improve blood flow or significantly improve lung function.
Moreover, it seems that the autonomic nervous function does not improve.Rather, sympathetic nerves dominate and blood pressure may rise by performing unreasonable muscle training with force.
No matter how much lung activity is performed, not only is there no burden on the body, but there are no risks or downsides, and the autonomic nervous function is definitely improved and the lung function is also improved.
It will improve your immunity.
Train your lung function yourself New coronaYou can also prepare for infection.

Pulmonary activity exercise rejuvenated lung age XNUMX years old → XNUMX years oldThe monitor was pleased with the feeling that he also began to perform lung activity exercises every day, his blood pressure dropped, he felt tired, and his daily life became much easier.

Brain activity → intestinal activity → lung activity

More and more attention is being paid to lung activity.