Superstition of piercing holes

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The number of piercing patients will increase after peaking in March.
Many people open piercings after graduating from high school.
Not only women but also men are piercing more and more.

I sometimes get questions about piercing superstitions.

XNUMX: Is it easy to get suppurated if you open the piercing in the summer?
XNUMX: Is it not possible to wash hair because it becomes suppurated on the day of piercing?
XNUMX: Will ear piercings damage your optic nerve and cause blindness?

I will answer.

XNUMX: Sweat does not cause suppuration in the summer.The cause of suppuration is that if the area around the pierced hole is not thoroughly cleaned, dirt will accumulate and become dirty, and bacteria will propagate and infect.Sweat does not increase your chances of getting infected.

XNUMX: There is no problem with bathing or washing hair on the day of piercing.
Perms and hair coloring should be avoided for about a week. ..

XNUMX: There is no optic nerve pathway in the ear, and the ear pot is also unrelated to the optic nerve.There are no cranial nerves running in the ears, and there are no nerves related to the eyes.In other words, opening a piercing hole in the earlobe will not damage the optic nerve and will not cause blindness.

The pierced earrings used in medical institutions have a XNUMX-karat gold coating and are designed so that the rod is thicker than the commercially available pierced earrings and the pierced hole can be opened slightly larger.
The piercings are instantly worn with medical piercings so you don't have to pierce your ears with a needle and you don't need anesthesia.
Anesthesia injections are much more painful than piercing.

You can mark the medical piercing at the desired position and attach the piercing instantly with the piercing gun.

There is less pain and no bleeding.

Whole care is performed with a special liquid drug.
It is important to note that disinfection with disinfectants such as Isodine and Makiron inhibits the epithelialization of pierced holes and causes healing, making it difficult to form pierced holes.
Disinfection of anything is a problem from current wound healing theory.
Immediately after wearing the pierced earrings, the pierced hole is not epithelialized and the hole is incomplete, so you cannot wear your own pierced earrings.

At Sakae Clinic, we will prepare a solution for piercing that promotes wound healing, which is mainly composed of vitamin C derivatives, prepare it in the hospital, and give it to the patient for care.