Mole in the hair

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Men sometimes consult with moles in their hair.
Is it possible even in the hair?
Will it be bald?
What are the scars?
Isn't it purulent?
Unlike the face and other parts, I don't always see it myself, so I often get wondered.
From the conclusion ...

Most of the moles on the head and hair are nevus cells, and there are almost no noticeable scars, and the blood circulation is good, so wound healing is very quick and easy to remove.
Most of them have stems and the scars are smaller than the actual mole size.

It can be reliably removed with a single treatment by heat evaporation treatment with radio waves.
You can also wash your hair from the day.
It is advisable to clean the wound daily as much as possible after surgery.
It is necessary to apply an ointment daily because the wound cannot be treated with tape in the hair.
Hair roots are located deeper in the mole's mother bed, so removing the mole will not cause baldness.
Hair often grows on the mole, but this also temporarily loses hair, but due to the presence of hair roots, the hair will grow back to normal after a while.
Mole can be removed safely and reliably even in the hair.
When brushing your hair with a comb, you won't get caught and bleed or hurt.
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