I tried injecting hyaluronic acid into the wrinkles on my forehead.

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Treatment of wrinkles on the forehead includes hyaluronic acid injection and BOTOX injection.
Treatment depends on the condition of each wrinkle.
Hyaluronic acid injection to treat the groove
BOTOX injection is effective for wrinkles that occur when moving the forehead with facial expression wrinkles.
If you try to completely eliminate the wrinkles on your forehead with BOTOX injection, your eyebrows may get stuck and your upper eyelids may drop, resulting in an old face.
For this reason, BOTOX injection is effective for wrinkles on the upper part of the forehead, but hyaluronic acid injection is effective for wrinkles just above the eyebrows instead of BOTOX injection.
In my case, I was worried about the wrinkles on the lower half of the forehead on the eyebrows, so I chose hyaluronic acid injection instead of BOTOX injection and tried to inject hyaluronic acid into the wrinkles on my forehead.
Since it is injected with a fine needle of XNUMXG, there is relatively little pain and there is almost no swelling after surgery.
Since it is cooled, it will be slightly reddish after the treatment.
The point and caution of injecting hyaluronic acid into the forehead is that if it is injected excessively, it will become uneven and become more noticeable.
If you do not stop the injection to the extent that it is a little insufficient, it will rise and look unnatural when the frontalis muscle of the forehead is not contracting.
Unlike thick wrinkles such as the law line and marionette line, the wrinkles on the forehead have a frontal bone just below, and it is a difficult place where satisfactory results cannot be obtained by treatment that supplements the volume.
I managed to finish it with a natural feeling.