Formation of tear bag

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The tear bag will greatly change the impression of your eyes.

Tear pouch plasty has recently become one of the major cosmetic surgery treatments. ..When I started working as a cosmetic surgeon, there was no hyaluronic acid material and there was no tear pouch plasty, but now it is one of the mainstream cosmetic surgery treatments.

In particular, there is also double eyelid surgery, nose, chin, and tear pouch set plastic surgery called petit plastic surgery.
In tear pouch plasty, hyaluronic acid is injected into the rim of the lower eyelid, but excessive injection causes an unnatural condition called slugs, which is the most troublesome factor.
It is necessary to inject the tear bag in a natural shape according to the patient's eye condition.
There are various types and concentrations of hyaluronic acid, and it is essential to have the experience and skill to select and inject the material according to the condition of the patient's eyes and eyelids.

The side effect is internal bleeding.Internal bleeding disappears in about a week and does not become a functional problem.A few hours after the injection of anesthesia, there is almost no swelling and the injection is done with a very fine needle, so you can apply makeup immediately after the procedure without leaving any needle marks.
Even a slight change will greatly change the image.

The point of actual injection is to inject into the outer two-thirds of the area and not to the inner part, and this procedure completes a beautiful tear bag line.
It is possible to dissolve the over-injected hyaluronic acid with a drug called hyaluronidase and restore it, but inject it carefully so as not to overdose as much as possible.
Since hyaluronic acid contains anesthesia, it is a treatment method that causes less pain during injection and less pain for the patient.
Recently, the number of cases in which men also form tear pouches has increased.
Women can make a tear bag with make-up, but in principle, men do not make up, so it is necessary to directly form a tear bag by injecting hyaluronic acid.
Even for men, the image will be quite gentle.