You can receive treatment without anxiety with laughing anesthesia.

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Since last year, the clinic has introduced a laughing anesthesia system and is using it for people who are vulnerable to pain or who are worried about surgery or treatment.

The characteristics of laughter are as follows.
(XNUMX) It has a weak sedative / sleeping effect and an analgesic effect.
Nitrous oxide is officially called nitrous oxide (N2O) and is a type of inhalational anesthetic.The sedation / sleep action and analgesic action are collectively called the anesthetic action, but laughing gas is characterized by having weak sedation / sleep action and sedation / sleep action and sedation action.Therefore, general anesthesia cannot be performed alone.

(XNUMX) The onset and disappearance of the effect is extremely rapid.It has the property that when inhaled, it exerts an immediate effect, and when it is stopped, it is immediately excreted.This is why you can return home within minutes of stopping inhalation.

③ It has almost no effect on the respiratory and circulatory organs.
It can also be safely used by patients with lung or heart problems.

④ It does not put a burden on the liver.
Many drugs are broken down in the liver during metabolism, and attention should be paid to the pharmacological action of the resulting breakdown products, but laughing gas is hardly broken down in the body.

Nitrous oxide is widely used as an anesthetic because it has moderate sedative and strong analgesic effects, its effects appear and disappear quickly, and it does not affect important organs.
The sedation method produces laughter with excellent characteristics at a low concentration of 30% or less (50% -70% when administered under general anesthesia), and by nasal breathing (always mouth breathing) with 70% or more oxygen (always mouth breathing) Oxygen concentration in the air is about 21%) It is an extremely safe method to inhale.