Wakiga surgery scar

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Previously, armpit / hyperhidrosis was treated by surgery, but now there are multiple treatment options.
Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you should carefully choose the treatment that suits you.
Even now, many patients who have undergone armpit surgery in the past and are suffering from hypertrophic scars and epidermoid cysts and wish to be treated are visited.

No matter what kind of experienced doctor performs, scars will remain as long as it is an operation.
The scars become even uglier if you expect a large effect over a wide area, and the risk is low if you perform surgery in a narrow area.
Whether to remove scars or take effect ...
Surgery was an annoying treatment.
At this hospital, we do not currently treat hircismus and hyperhidrosis by surgery, which has little benefit to patients.If you expect a permanent effect, you will be treated with the EL method.https://www.wakiga-senmon.com/wakiga.html

The most serious risk is skin necrosisTherefore, if the fixation is insufficient after the operation and blood type is formed, the skin in the area will be necrotic efficiently.
When the skin becomes necrotic, the granulation may rise and become epithelialized, and it may take a long time for the wound to close.

After surgery, strong fixation is essential and it is not an easy outpatient surgery.
Fortunately,Ugly left scars can be made much less noticeable with fractional laser and growth factor-introduced skin regeneration therapies.

If you are suffering from surgical scars, please feel free to contact us.