Cosmetic Surgery Darkness Series

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Recently, the number of young people undergoing cosmetic surgery is increasing rapidly, and at the same time, troubles and disabilities and sequelae caused by cosmetic surgery are also increasing rapidly.
In fact, I supervised the means to avoid any troubles.
This manga is not something that slanders some cosmetology medical institutions, and it is easy to understand so that the facts of trouble cases can be conveyed objectively, and even those who do not have knowledge of cosmetology are summarized as a manga.

Cosmetological surgery and cosmetological treatments are not easily received due to prices and their advertisements.
Medical discounts often come at the expense of quality.
The more experienced doctors perform cosmetology, the more costly it will be.
Cosmetologist XNUMXst year doctor Cosmetologist XNUMXth year doctor
Of course, not only the number of years of experience but also the number of cases is important for surgery ...

I have a basic philosophy that I have taught many cosmetologists.
Rather than experiencing only surgery for XNUMX patients, it is better to carefully examine the progress and results of surgery for XNUMX patients and carefully observe the progress such as swelling, internal bleeding, and the difference from hope. Acquire more ability.In other words, we should aim for beauty care that values ​​quality over quantity.
Based on this idea, it seems that the number of doctors in cosmetic surgery is decreasing year by year.

Many doctors, such as GLP-1, who are said to be the devil's diet injection, are very opposed and consider it a problem.Some beauty clinics say that some beauty clinics administer diet drug injections with over-advertising like magic diet drugs There is also the current situation.

As a cosmetologist, as a training and diet researcher, as an autonomic nerve researcher, I am opposed to the easy administration of the GLP-1 diet to those who are not indicated.
It is regrettable that the current state of cosmetology is to promote a diet method for profit that is never recommended to you, your family, acquaintances, or friends.