Mole diagnosis

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Currently, the most common patients in the clinic are those who wish to have a mole removed.
Is the patient a mole?Even if you are diagnosed as having a medical examination, various diseases such as senile warts, soft fibroma, basal cell carcinoma, and epidermoid cysts are mixed.
In some cases, the diagnosis can be made reliably by inspection, but in other cases, the diagnosis may be unclear.

Diagnosis with Dermascope improves the accuracy of diagnosis considerably.
At our hospital, CASIO's Dermo Camera DZ-DXNUMX, which Japan is proud of,
Is introduced to diagnose the moles of patients.
This camera is really wonderful, and even tumors that seem to be mistaken for a mole can be magnified and clearly displayed like a biomicroscope, such as vasodilation and pigment abnormalities, which is very useful for diagnosis.

Polarized, unpolarized, and UV modes can be approached from all angles, making it possible to grasp the state of moles that cannot be recognized with the naked eye.
Achieves polarized / unpolarized / UV shooting with one shutter

By suppressing the reflection of light, polarized photography required to photograph the color and structure inside the skin just below the thin skin of the skin, unpolarized photography convenient for photographing lesions on the surface of the skin, polarized light Then, UV shooting that clearly shows the edges such as hidden spots and blurred moles that do not stand out.

Always make a diagnosis before removing the mole.
If dermoscopy is suspected, remove it for pathological examination.
We do not suddenly evaporate with a carbon dioxide laser.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a mole problem.