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Piercing patients come to the hospital every day.
The piercing can be drilled at the same time as the medical piercing is attached.

A dedicated piercing medical device called a piercing gunSet the medical piercing with and insert the rod of the medical piercing into the catch located on the back side of the earlobe.
There is very little pain and no bleeding because it is a moment.
Medical earrings are XNUMXK goldEven if you are allergic to metal, if you do not have allergies to gold, you can enjoy the process without any problems. After a month, a beautiful pierced hole will be completed and you can wear your favorite pierced earrings.
If you like the medical piercings, you can wear them as they are, but it is important to remove them once and check if the piercing holes have become epithelialized and the noll is cleanly open.
Specialists are always in charge of piercing at this hospitalThere is nothing for the nurse to do.
The doctor confirms the position of the pierced earrings and safely and surely moves to the desired position.

There are many troubles caused by piercings, so when creating a piercing hole, it is recommended that you receive a safe medical piercing at a medical institution where you can wear it as your first piercing.