Earrings that can be opened at medical institutions

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February is the time of year when the number of patients who come to the hospital to open the earrings increases.
What is the difference between being a medical institution and being yourself?
Benefits of opening at a medical institutionI tried to summarize a little.

XNUMX: At medical institutions, use piercings to instantly wear medical piercings.

→ It takes a lot of time and effort to make a hole with a safety pin and then insert a piercing, which causes pain.

XNUMX: Medical institutions can wear medical piercings, so the piercing holes are relatively large and the holes are beautifully completed.
→ If you open it yourself, the pierced hole is small and easy to close.There is also a problem that pierced earrings with thick rods cannot be attached.

XNUMX: At medical institutions, post-treatment care can be perfect.
→ If you open the piercing hole care immediately after the procedure, you cannot do it.

XNUMX: Medical institutions can deal with postoperative infections and troubles.
→ If you open it yourself, the risk of infection is high, and if the earlobe is thick, there is a high possibility of trouble such as the catch of the piercing being embedded in the skin of the earlobe.

XNUMX: Doctor's consultation and treatment (At Sakae Clinic, specialists are in charge of piercing directly, and nurses never perform treatment.)
→ Because of ignorant amateur piercing, bleeding and pain are likely to occur during piercing.

The merit of piercing, that is, opening a pierced hole at a medical institution is great, and a cleaner pierced hole is completed than creating a pierced hole by yourself.