State immediately before and after evaporation by radio waves

Mole removal concept and technique

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Every day, we receive consultations on mole removal from many patients.
Mole is a popular name, but most of them have the medical name of nevus cell nevus pigmented nevus.
However, it also includes tumors such as basal cell carcinoma, spinous cell carcinoma, and malignant melanoma, which are malignant lesions.
It is difficult to make a diagnosis by XNUMX% inspection, and we will remove only those that can be definitely diagnosed as benign by dermoscopy, progress interview, careful inspection, etc.
As much as possible, we do not remove conspicuous exposed areas such as the face by surgical techniques such as excision and hollowing.
If malignancy is suspected, resection is always performed and the presence or absence of malignancy is diagnosed by histopathological examination.

Twenty-five years ago, I used to use a carbon dioxide laser to remove it, but recently I have almost stopped using it.
・ If the irradiation energy or irradiation time is exceeded, the damage to tissues other than the presence of pigment will increase.
・ Prone to hypertrophic scars after treatment
・ It may be difficult to determine whether it is carbonized or residual pigment, and there is a possibility of over-irradiation.

When you hear the word "laser", you may think of it as cutting-edge, but in fact, carbon dioxide laser has been a treatment method for XNUMX years.
Since then, lasers of various media such as ruby ​​laser, YAG laser, and alexandrite laser have been developed.
When I started working as a cosmetologist XNUMX years ago, I was impressed by the wonderfulness of carbon dioxide laser.I remember doing it.The world of science fiction.

It's as if you've got the strongest weapon in a space war ...
Twenty-six years ago, when I opened my own business, I bought a carbon dioxide laser from Japan Infrared Industry Co., Ltd. for about XNUMX million yen at that time and used it to remove moles.
However, there were cases where white scars remained after surgery.I think that all the patients were satisfied with the medical treatment at that time without any complaints, but I was a little skeptical that the moles did not disappear completely and that the black color was replaced with white scars and became less noticeable.

But nowadays, carbon dioxide laser treatment is by no means the latest treatment, and it may be a little delayed depending on the usage.
We have introduced the latest carbon dioxide laser system and fractional laser system, but they are rarely used for mole removal, and it is not indispensable when it comes to mole removal.

Especially for raised moles (pigmented nevus, nevus cell nevus)Easy and reliable evaporation with a radio wave irradiation system called SurgetronIt is possible to perform safe and reliable treatment because it is less likely to cause over-removal and hypertrophic scars are less likely to occur except on the upper lip and cheekbones.
Flat moles may also be removed using a fractional laser system that uses a substance called thulium called Rabian.

Mole removal is performed at a relatively low cost with all-you-can-eat. In some facilities, moles of any size, type, and shape are irradiated under the same conditions.There are many consultations with patients who are suffering from over-irradiation and ugly hypertrophic scars on their faces.
With all-you-can-eat mole treatment, it is necessary to confirm that careful removal and care have been taken.

There are many cases where ugly scars are left by removing moles with a carbon dioxide (CO₂) laser, which is quick and easy for doctors and does not require much skill.

For mole removal, proper diagnosis, proper treatment and postoperative wound care are very important.

As a medical institution specializing in the care and treatment of scars and scars, we give the utmost consideration to the care after removing moles.

Our clinic is the only beauty clinic that operates a site specializing in scratches and scars. 

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State immediately before and after evaporation by radio waves