Double eyelid + degreasing

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We performed double eyelid + degreasing plasty for the monitor patient.
There are various types of double eyelid surgery.
Thick skin Those who want to swell with a lot of orbital fat Those who have ptosis due to problems with the levator palpebra muscles Those who have a depressed eyeball and the skin does not overlap and the line is not stable ...
Our cosmetologist first carefully examines the patient's eyelid condition.
The eyes are the cleanest there → The black eyes are maximized
We will propose a surgical technique.

Rather than performing the same surgical procedure for any person, we will determine the surgical procedure according to the patient by performing a custom-made operation.

Make a few millimeters of incision and remove the required amount of orbital fat in a non-swelling procedure to minimize downtime.Be careful not to remove too much.
Since the incision is a few millimeters, it will not remain as a scar.
A buried thread is placed in the degreased part.
It is an extremely effective treatment for people with puffy eyes who are suspected of having fat.
It can be performed with almost no swelling and will feel natural in a few days.The photo will be taken before and after XNUMX days after the thread is removed.

Recently,Discounted cosmetology may be rampant and double eyelid surgery may be performed for less than XNUMX yen, but is it really a legitimate cosmetology practice? Patients will also need to confirm by themselves.
Considering material costs, labor costs, advertising costs, and doctor's compensation, it will be a big deficit.
It seems that there are cases where the karakuri is not performing legitimate medical practice such as making a patient on the practice table of a doctor who performs double eyelid surgery for the first time, or visiting a patient at a low price and giving an option to guide him to expensive surgery. is.

I don't think there are cheap or cheap medical treatments.
Guarantee the results, carefully examine the patient, perform the surgery carefully, and monitor the progress.
The number of inquiries about scars and trouble cases has increased.
Feel free to contact us for problems with double eyelids.