Thoughts on the Tokyo Olympics

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With the end of the new corona infection not visible at all, it is only half a year before the Olympics are held.
It has been decided that a state of emergency will be issued to the Tokyo metropolitan area, and most people think that it is far from the Olympics.

As a doctor who has been studying sports medicine with athletes for many years, I watched the Olympic Games four times. In fact, I thought about holding the Olympic Games as a lecture on risk management in sports at the graduate school as a visit to the Olympic venue. Sometimes it is impossible to hold a regular event. It is extremely difficult to hold a limited event with a limited audience.

the reasonIs as follows

XNUMX: Even the Olympic qualifying has not been completed in various countries around the world, and the number of confirmed athletes is less than XNUMX%.
XNUMX: There are many major lockdown countries, and there are many athletes who cannot even practice at all, let alone select races for athletes.
XNUMX: Mutant species have been confirmed, and overseas travel will be severely restricted in the future, and even the date of cancellation is undecided.
XNUMX: Inadequate medical system and vaccine supply in developing countries such as Africa are still undecided
XNUMX: Significant decline in public interest in the Olympics
XNUMX: Reduction of funds of spawner companies and related companies
XNUMX: Unfairness due to incomplete doping tests due to movement restrictions
XNUMX: Difficult to recruit Olympic-related volunteers
XNUMX: Security measures at the Olympic venue
XNUMX: Insufficient quarantine capacity for athletes entering from overseas
XNUMX: Limitations of the medical system due to short-term concentrated population growth during the Greater Tokyo Olympics
XNUMX: Difficulty in transporting emergency life-saving patients due to traffic restrictions during the Olympic Games
XNUMX: Lack of laboratories for athletes, spectators and Olympic officials
XNUMX: Extremely overcrowded at Olympic official merchandise stores
XNUMX: Emergency transportation indistinguishable between heat stroke and new corona
XNUMX: There is a limit to the preparation practice time for volunteers at the venue.
XNUMX: Insufficient medical resources or medical staff for possible illnesses during the event?
XNUMX: Possible risks after holding

· · ·
There is no end to it.

The Olympic venue and its surroundings are expected to be very crowded.
The congestion was more than I expected after experiencing it.
Moreover, security checks take time and are always dense.
If there are few volunteers at the venue, the security check will take an enormous amount of time, and the competition may have ended by the time you enter the venue.
In fact, at the Pyeongchang Olympics, the match had already started by the time I finally got inside after waiting for more than XNUMX minutes in a long line for security checks at the snowboard halfpipe venue.There was still a long line, and in the end, a lot of people rushed into the venue without a security check.
In the summer, masks cause heat stroke, and it is expected that there will be a considerable number of spectators who will fall down and be transported urgently.

Personally, I hope to hold the Tokyo Olympics, but there are too many problems to clear, and no matter how good doctors and specialists put their wisdom into action, the other person is a virus that human beings have never experienced before and it is mutated. It's tough because there is no silver bullet yet.

Festival of peace
Sports that extend health

We are in a difficult situation where even the significance of the Olympics needs to be reconsidered.
Athletes aiming for the Olympics It hurts my heart to think about the hearts of the Japanese athletes of the Tokyo Olympics.
If the media reports so much about the number of infected people and the collapse of medical care, the people will accelerate their mindset that they are not in a state of hosting the Tokyo Olympics.Isn't there an imbalance in the current way of reporting?
By the way, the number of infected people in Japan is about one-thirtieth of the population in the United Kingdom.
(Of course, preventing the collapse of medical care and protecting the lives of the people is the highest priority ...)

Sports management specialists, doctors, Olympics officials, and other wisdom gathered to achieve good results.

Last year, there were comments like this ...

We pray for the end of the new Corona as soon as possible.
May a miracle happen and the Tokyo Olympics be held safely! !!