The darkness of diet injection GLP-1

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I'm not a diabetes specialist, so I'm not in a position to comment on diabetes drugs ...

XNUMX: We will guide the body making of top athletes. We will guide the weight loss of medical trainers and professional boxers.
XNUMX: Autonomic nerve researcher
XNUMX: Cosmetologist
XNUMX: Lecturer in charge of lectures on alternative medicine and ethics at Juntendo University School of Medicine Hospital Management Department

From this standpoint, I would like to give my personal opinion regarding the GLP1 diet, which has been a hot topic recently.

Many cosmetology clinics are flashingly recommending a self-injection GLP1 diet that is easy and safe.
You have the opportunity to see it on the internet every day.

Easy, safe and quick to lose weight without effort
Unlike the diet method that has failed so far, the safe one recommended by the doctor
It is done as a matter of course overseas
· · ·
Words like magical diet medicine are lined up.

The Japan Medical Association promptly issued a warning as an act contrary to medical ethics.
Opposition to the Japan Diabetes Society ...

Specialists on this drug have asserted that it has not been confirmed to be safe or effective for off-label use other than diabetes.This means that there is no domestic evidence of safety or efficacy for diet use.

Also, multiple media outlets have dangerous dieting methods and feature articles that even risk death.
It is also posted on FRIDAY, which is currently on sale.

My idea is that diet treatment may be performed if the person is diabetic or has a BMI or body fat percentage that can be diagnosed as obesity in the diabetic border area, and if the blood test is performed under the supervision of a doctor who can manage the health well. I think.

What is NG

XNUMX: For women who want to lose weight, whether they are thin or have a standard weight
XNUMX: No blood test or minimum body composition test
XNUMX: Without sufficient explanation of risks
XNUMX: Do not confirm the diet to be used together by interview
XNUMX: Ignore exercise
XNUMX: Prioritize commercial purposes

It is to do with.

Also, although this is not pointed out by any doctor, if even a slight decrease in blood sugar can occur, it will have a considerable effect on the autonomic nerves.
Especially when hypoglycemia occurs, the sympathetic nerve becomes abnormally dominant and suppresses the function of the parasympathetic nerve in an attempt to maintain normal blood sugar.
In other words, dieting can be counterproductive to the functioning of the body's nervous system.
I believe that long-term continuous use of this diet injection will almost certainly risk damage to the autonomic nerves or loss of control.
The autonomic nervous system is an important body system for controlling blood sugar.
Hypoglycemia damages cells in the brain and body, but at the same time it also affects the autonomic nerves.
Suppression of appetite is assumed to be a condition of decreased parasympathetic nerve levels.
The magnitude of diurnal fluctuations in blood glucose levels is the effect of drugs that ignore control over the autonomic nerves.
The greater the fluctuation, the greater the burden on the body.
This is the same for blood pressure.
People with diabetes have high blood sugar from time to time, but women who are on a diet are unlikely to have high blood sugar.Rather hypoglycemic?
It cannot be said that it is safe from the viewpoint of autonomic nerves that changes in blood glucose levels occur within the normal range.
The current situation is that the effects of autonomic nerves are ignored because the measurement of autonomic nerves is not carried out even in clinical trials.

There are doctors who recommend this injection by posting it on the homepage that it is safe because it is approved as an obesity drug in the United States. 

→ In the first place, the degree of obesity, its type and mechanism are completely different between Japanese and Americans.
There are few obese people with a BMI of over XNUMX like Americans, and there are many people who want a diet injection that are far from obese for cosmetic purposes.

The treatment of obesity in the United States cannot be the same for the Japanese.
There should be no such evidence.

If this is not the case, there are no risks or effects on the autonomic nerves in the GLP1 diet, and there are doctors and researchers who can teach that there is evidence of Japanese obesity treatment as a diet drug like Americans. I would like to talk with you in the magazine.
My ignorance must not deprive GLPXNUMX of its potential as a safe and secure diet drug.

Prescribe GLP1 injection online!

Is this a legitimate act as a doctor who takes care of health?
I have a question.
Is it proper medical practice to inject an antidiabetic drug for the sole purpose of dieting without a body composition or blood test?

Excessive PR of influencers, Good article Also be careful.
Experience easy, safe, and surely a successful diet!Although it is publicized on SNS for the purpose of guarantee, it can be difficult if you truly receive the personal impressions of amateurs.
Recently, I am particularly worried about the existence of cosmetic surgery influencers and diet influencers.
They over-promote their diet experience as if it were magical.

Unfortunately, there is no magical diet method.Let's exercise more fun than that.Moving your body Repeating big deep breaths will definitely help you on a diet!

We have received inquiries for the above reasons, but we do not handle diet injections.