The 101st Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society

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On XNUMXth and XNUMXth, I participated in the Japanese Society of Cosmetic Surgery.

Meeting with an old friend and being able to talk was more meaningful than getting the latest medical information.

Do not use papers other than English. If you don't speak English at the native level, you'll be in a Galapagos state and don't get the latest information ...

From the University of Tokyo to the School of Medicine Currently, a doctor who is the owner of a major cosmetic surgeon and is active at the forefront is talking.

You should be able to read manga books while reading the papers of nature and science.


Japanese papers are not read in the world.

I have to study English conversation and English more than hard training every day.

More than XNUMX years have passed since I became a doctor.

More than XNUMX years as a cosmetic surgeon.

Western and Japanese books. Certainly there is a big difference, and if you don't read it in the original text, you won't learn.

I want to be able to speak naturally at international conferences before I die.