The right way to train charisma

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Yesterday, I gave a lecture on Juntendo University Master's Program in Medicine.

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In the evening, Ken Nakata trainer and Shinichi Yokota, a professional who studied and studied sports medicine in our classroom, attended.

Ken Nakata is a charismatic instructor who has been a trainer of Ryo Ishikawa since high school and led to the youngest prize king in history. Even now, he has been providing training for many top athletes and famous talents, including gold medals.

From this year, I have been working on my full-time training research, devoting my time to studying and studying during my busy hours as a master's student. They have been supporting top athletes for over 15 years together.

Yokota Pro,He was the chairman of (JGTO) and in 2010 won the tour title for the first time in 13 years.

Academic research by top sports professionals can help protect athletes who are suffering from health problems through training and dieting.

Every day, Nakata trainers train themselves tougher than top athletes, and their bodies are just art.

Next year, we talked about coaching many athletes together with a view to participating in Best Body Japan.