Graduate course

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Yesterday, I was in charge of a lecture at a graduate school.

This time, risk management in sports medicine

In a joint lecture with a professor, we gave a lecture in XNUMX minutes about the importance of sports medicine and evidence that introduced state-of-the-art anti-aging medicine, evaluation methods and supplementation ads.

From this season, the doctoral course at the Graduate School of Medicine, Ai Sugiyama, who was ranked first in the world ranking in doubles, entered and studied sports medicine.

I had a lecture.

In this class, there are many lawyers representing the legal world, and they are engaged in research on medical lawsuits and risk management.

The world of lawyers has also entered an era of transitional competition, and new fields are attracting attention.

The network with the legal profession is expected to be greatly involved in future activities.

The presence of legal specialists is also reliable for us who work in the small world of medicine.