The best track record in Japan Charisma trainer tweets

I was invited to join the retirement game of Tigers Shinjiro Hatakeyama at Koshien Stadium and was with Nakata Ken Trainer. We have been helping to support many top athletes together for over 15 years.

Nakata trainer who is 45 years old This year, he joined Juntendo University Graduate School Master's degree, and has been studying and studying sports medicine.

He has led the development and research of training with evidence from the beginning. He has taught physical training for many of the top athletes in Japan, including Satoshi Ishikawa, world champion of professional boxing, and Olympic gold medalist.

The university also attends my lectures.

Hats off to his humble attitude.

I lamented the current situation of spoiling the talent of athletes because there are not a few leaders and trainers who push only their own experience. There is a situation where a self-proclaimed trainer who does not have training experience of top athletes will be cheered on television and the athletes who believe in it will have disastrous consequences.

We will pursue the evidence together.