Miss Universe Japan Aichi Tournament

Miss Universe Japan Aichi Tournament at Matsuzakaya Hall, Matsuzakaya Nagoya from XNUMX:XNUMX on Thursday, November XNUMX, XNUMXhttp://www.muj-aichi.com/ is held.

To the finalists who are honored to be a lecturer at Beauty Camphttp://www.muj-aichi.com/beautycamp/ I was blessed with the opportunity to teach.

Beauty Camp Leading Japan Body Makeup and Walking Guidance Professional Tomoshi Kinoshita Trainer, Akira Shibata Trainerhttp://www.topathlete.co.jp/menu02/ We are planning to provide guidance for women who are appropriate for mistakes such as beauty, body making, and cell exercise.

Trained to shine If the time is right for a wonderful stage of the elite, I hope you will come and see the results up close.

Director of Sakae Clinic

Top Athlete Co., Ltd.

Nobuhiro Suetake