Second author is a gold medalist

This is my degree thesis published in HEALTH. Daichi Suzuki, Seoul Olympic gold medalist, professor of Juntendo University Sports and Health Sciences, and President of the Japan Swimming Federation, is the second author.

The contents of the experiment give fatigue to the top athletes and how their autonomic nerves, leukocytes and lymphocytes change. is.

Top athletes make full-length thigh-lifting exercises 1 minutes at 1 minute intervals 2 times

It is a tough experiment like running 400M with 1 minute intervals.

Thanks to Chukyo University OBs and OGs from the top of the Japan ranking for their cooperation in this dangerous experiment. Great thanks.

A pretty amazing discovery? ! had.

・ The parasympathetic nerve has a great relationship with the recovery of the body.

・ The ratio of lymphocytes and neutrophils changes in a short time, and the number of lymphocytes increases and the ratio increases in conjunction with the increase in parasympathetic nerve level.

It is a consideration. . . How does the ability required for top athletes raise parasympathetic levels! is! ! !