Miss Universe Japan Aichi Tournament Beauty Camp

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Today is the second Miss Universe Japan Aichi Tournament Beauty Camp.

Shigeru Shibata trainer was in charge of cell exercise and walking conditioning, Tomoi Kinoshita trainer was instructing walking for Misfinalists, and singer / songwriter Takeharu Oya was in charge of voice training.

I lectured on my specialty, advanced aesthetic medicine and cosmetic theory.

Everyone, I listened hard and all the instructors felt very happy.

Finally, from the studio, Dr. Takeharu Oya, Yale. I was able to sing with the support song and the cover song. Yuzu's new song and arrange version were also shown. Pretty good song ...

I think finalists will shine in the competition.

Thank you very much Takae-chan and T-styke staff for giving me a wonderful lecture opportunity. The photographer was also tired.