Change your life with a trainer

Fujiwara It was a return game, but it seems that he was abstained on the way.

It seemed that he had lost the race in the London Olympics as 45 and was leaving the race for a while due to a breakdown.

Fujiwara's exclusive trainer appeared in every program before the Olympics, and if he did what he had instructed, the results would come ... It was said with confidence that he could win medals ...

However, this trainer not only knows the land at all, but also has little study and experience as a trainer.

Many of the land specialists? It seems that it was a special feature and featured by many media. The medal is also hard! It seems that the charismatic trainer went to London for support and guidance.

Talent is something that develops and not smashes.

I feel like a trainer who has studied hard and trained athletes can be said to be a true trainer than charisma.

Real trainers study and work hard every day.

I hope that such a sad event will not happen at the Tokyo Olympics.