Standing at the top Training method

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This season, Yokohata Sakura and Yui, who were instructed in training, visited the clinic to report and greet this year's results. Although the queen missed out by the 1 strikeout, this season's 4 win, the 1 place in the qualifying history, MVP was also won, and it is the number one female professional evaluation in Japan.

While having lunch together, we sent advice to the training method for the next season and ale to Sakura to recapture the queen.

Yui-chan aims to win the tour for the first time.

I gave a brief explanation of the new cell exercise.

153㎝ and Sakura are very small… but the flight distance is amazing.

Considering her physical ability, golf does not require power. Only smooth movement of the body. This means that conditioning-oriented training is extremely important. The autonomic nerve level is also a top athlete.

What is training? There are areas that cannot be reached by weight.

We were excited about the topic of training for many athletes. I'm looking forward to the success of both of you next season!