No weight training is required for professional golfers! ?

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Today, I was in charge of teaching professional golfers who are aiming to win this season's prize money at the Roppongi NAS Sports Club. Our trainer 3 names also participated in assists and had a great time.

I have been in charge of coaching professional golfers who have been at the top so far, but top trainers do not need weight training. Is a common opinion, and many trainers agree with this.

Power is created throughout the body. It is not created by weight training muscle hypertrophy.

I talked with the pros today, but I was convinced.

Sensitivity ... This is the most important.

If this sensitivity can be maximized stably, performance can be improved.

For this purpose, measurement of autonomic function and improvement of autonomic function are essential.

Reinforcement of autonomic nerves that are human software: I am sure that it will be the key to athletes playing an active role in the Tokyo 2020 wheel in 5.