Is there a soul? Evaluation and analysis of the first video in spiritual history

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Demonstration verification experiment of soul research Response type xenoglossy video  It will be the world's first video taken in my office that is said to prove the proof of the soul.

This is the full version of what was previously aired on Ambilly Baboo. This is a video of a rare case study of Prof. Katsumi Inagaki who is proud of Japan, and the world's first response-type authentic tongue.

Conversation has been established in Nepalese, unique to the Taman tribe, for the first time with a Nepalese student who is studying at Chubu University called Karupana.

This woman is a 50-year-old ordinary Japanese housewife who can't speak Nepali and of course has no overseas travel history.

It was the head of a village called Ratarajou about 160 years ago in a mountain village in Nepal called Naru Village.

This background, research content, and facts that have been learned Results from linguistic analysis Is the approach to the soul approachable scientifically possible?

The survey about her going to the previous life has done everything that can be considered as scientific verification to the limit.

I hope that this video translated into English will lead to an appropriate evaluation overseas, not in Japan.

One demonstrative case is an important research stance than the ambiguity of previous-generation therapy.