Cosmetic surgery class action

13 women who have undergone cosmetic surgery to remove facial sagging in nationwide cosmetic surgery, etc. have suffered strong pain on their face after surgery on the 23rd. Filed a suit in Tokyo District Court.

There were 13 women in their 20s to 50s around Kanto. In the complaint, in 2012-13, she underwent a “facelift” to remove skin slack using a special thread, claiming that complications such as pain and hair loss occurred. He requested payment of consolation fees, etc., saying "There was no explanation of the danger from the doctor in advance".

One of the plaintiffs who had a press conference after the complaint said, “The effect didn't last and I was suffering from a headache, so I ca n’t forgive it.”

Corporation “The possibility of complications is explained in advance and convinced.

Cosmetic surgery cases are difficult because of subjectivity issues.

Face lifts require large-scale surgery and advanced techniques to increase the effect, and of course, the risk increases.

This issue highlights physician skills, clear explanation of risks and benefits of prior informed consent and communication with patients.

I think that it is not an operation that should be performed easily by doctors with little experience at a low price.