Miss Universe Aichi Tournament

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Miss Universe Aichi Tournament will be held this fall.

To that end, I will continue to serve as a beauty camp instructor.


Beauty & Physical & Body Making & Walking

This year also major debut singer-songwriter Takeharu Oya's voice lesson

Best Body Japan Chairman Tomoaki Kinoshita Walking & Posing Lesson

I will be playing an active part in the front line. I asked a professional for instructor and support.

Your biography is

Professor Oya

A singer-songwriter from Nagoya City.

A major debut was triggered by the audition.

The debut song recorded 5th place in the nationwide wired weekly request ranking.

Also, the songs “Michi” and “Sora” are delivered to Karaoke Joy Sound.

Researched and developed music to arrange autonomic nerves with Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Juntendo University School of Medicine.

BOOK with CD “Preparing the Autonomic Nerve. Winning Stress!” (Published by Sekai Bunkasha)

It has become a best-seller with over 3 million 4 thousand volumes, and is currently in a long run (as of 2014).

It has become a popular singer-songwriter who arranges autonomic nerves.

Chunichi Dragons pitcher Takashi Ogasawara (currently coach) (2010)

In charge of the theme song for professional racer Kogo Akiyoshi.

Responsible for the performance BGM and theme song of the balloon artist “Taro Balloon” who made a big break on the TV program “Arabiki Dan”.

Book in charge of “Cell Exercise” with DVD released by Gakken (Author: Hiroyuki Kobayashi Supervision: Nobuhiro Suetake)

He is also active as a CM song / BGM producer / music provider.

Music producer of “Best Body Japan”


06 Year 12 Mon Inagaki Junichi concert opening act. (At the Panasonic “strada” event)
06 year 02 month The song “Sky” recorded the 5 ranking of the wired weekly request ranking nationwide. (At AE-25ch)
06 year 05 month Two songs for the karaoke joy sound “Sora” and “Michi” are available.
07 year 11 month-08 year 03 month Tokai radio regular program "Takeharu Oya My Way Radio" in charge.
08 year 05 month Appeared on NHK program "Man ☆ Ten" and won viewer popularity vote No.1. Later featured.
Appeared on "08 time TV" in 08 month. Responsible for 4 stages including the main venue. He also appears on TV. (Past 24 appearances)
09 year 07 month Racing rider Koki Akiyoshi player support song charge.
(Suzuka 8 endurance / Top 10 trial run at the back, winning the first pole position)
10 Year 04 Mon 2010 Chunichi Dragons Pitcher Takashi Ogasawara (currently coach) in charge of the theme song.
In charge of regular programs at 10 month to 06 month FM AICHI.
11 month 07-Regular program restart on Tokai Radio. (Current program name: Takeharu Oya My Road Radio)
CD music in charge of 12 year 05 month CD-attached book “How to Raise 100% Self-Seedling” (Release: Magazine House)
12 Year 06 Monthly DVD Book “Constipation / Diet / Insomnia / Stress Exercise! Cell Exercise” (release: Gakken)
In charge of DVD music (Author: Prof. Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Juntendo University)
12 year 12 month Live appearance in collaboration with Miki Hirayama, known for the big hit of “Midsummer Event” (also in 2013 year)

13 year 12 month-the event where the former K-1 champion Demon Doto serves as a supervisor and decides a really cool body

Inaugurated music producer of “Best Body Japan”.

13 Year 02 Monthly CD-book “Making the Autonomic Nerve.
* Rakuten book psychology section 1 record. 3 million 4 thousand best-selling bestsellers and still running long (2014 month in 9)

(Author: Prof. Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Juntendo University)

14 year 01 month-appointed as support song for NPO "Pet Loss Aichi".

14 Winter Ascom Publisher will be releasing a book with a CD to prepare the "autonomous nerves (temporary)"

Takeharu Oya official web site

Professor Kinoshita

Tomoshi Kinoshita

Chief Trainer, Director of T-BODYMAKE Inc.

President of Best Body Japan Association

Born 1974 month 5 month 4 Born in Tokyo

Started classical ballet from an early age. A rhythmic gymnastics competition at a prestigious Fujimura girl from junior high school.

Majored in physical education at the Department of Physical Education, Nihon University. Junior and senior high school health and physical education first class license.

In college, he studied dance at the dance club. ・ Meeting Yumi Takada (first Japanese Pilates first person) to learn Pilates.

Studying contemporary dance, jazz dance, and pilates over NY during a summer vacation in school

Joined Central Sports Co., Ltd. (1998-2011)

2004 Enrolled as a research student at Sacred Heart Women's University as a researcher of Pilates method

Taking advantage of his experience, he is active in all studio programs (Aerobics, Aquabics, Swim Lessons, Pilates, Dance, Stretch, Marathon)

Joined T-BODYMAKE Co., Ltd. after retirement from 2011 years

Director of Best Body Japan Association in 2013 year

Acting as a director and personal trainer

Walking instruction to Best Body Japan players

"Body makeup", "Beautiful leg seminar", "Walking seminar" at sports club

Miss Earth Japan and Miss Universe Japan participants have body lessons and walking / pose instructions in private lessons.

Talent, model, body makeup, walking, posing instruction.

Miss Universe Aichi Prefecture Beauty Camp Lecturer

[Current sports history & competition history]

○ Jazz Contemporary Dance: Showtime / Stage Performance

○ Bench press

2011 metropolitan area no gear bench press championship championship

2011 All Japan Business Bench Press (No Gear) Championship Winner

2012 Japan Open Bench Press Tournament (No Gear) 47 Class 4

2013 Spring Bench Press Tokyo Tournament (No Gear) 47 Class 1

○ Marathon

Tokyo Marathon (1st tournament-3 tournament participation)

Chiba Marine Half Marathon

Shinjuku City Half Marathon

4 Half Relay Marathon (Ekiden) 350 Team, 22

* Best time half marathon: 1 hours 28 minutes / full marathon: 3 hours 32 minutes

[Past sports history & competition history]

Classic Ballet 6 / Rhythmic Gymnastics 6 / Jazz Dance / Contemporary Dance 2 7 Years, etc.

[Past Magazine / TV]

Fuji TV (Non-stop) / This face is amazing! (TBS), etc./Beauty story / TARZAN / Beauty method / Golf digest / Creel running magazine / Iron man