The license has arrived!

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Boxing trainer license

I received a professional boxing trainer license for 2011.

It's already 10 years after getting the license.

So far, I was able to go up to the ring as a second such as world title match, Toyo Pacific title match, Japan title match.

Sports doctor? However, I am not a sports doctor. Answer.
Because it ’s a trainer and not a sports doctor.
The work is different from a sports doctor who only gives treatment because we are training athletes and helping them improve their physical abilities.

Professional boxing.
There is no such severe and harsh sport that can't afford this.
It is a sport that hesitates to recommend as a doctor.
But this is attractive.

Squeeze your body to the last minute.

Is it just me that thinks this is cool?
Tomorrow's Joe

It is a topical work.

I had a lot of abs today.
I always feel like a professional boxer.