Earthquake scar

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I felt tremendous shaking during today's treatment.
At first I thought I was dizzy, but I immediately realized that an earthquake occurred.
The news that the largest earthquake in Japan history occurred was reported.
Over time, earthquake and tsunami damage reports increased rapidly.
Thousands of people are likely to be victims, including the next 2 disaster.

For those who really died, my heart hurts.
Please accept my sincere condolences.

Those who are injured should also take appropriate measures.

Wound careWe hope that you will be able to refer to even a little with the treatment of.
Due to the power outage, it will be a harsh night for children, the elderly, and those who cannot get warm.

I would like to rush to help injure treatment if transportation is allowed in a nearby place, but the fear and risk of 2 secondary disasters are not unusual for earthquake disasters.

Many doctors in the Tohoku region have started wise treatment for victims.
I pray that many precious lives will be saved.

Nobuhiro Suetake