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Thoughts on the Tokyo Olympics

With the end of the new corona infection not visible at all, it is only half a year before the Olympics are held.It has been decided that a state of emergency will be issued to the Tokyo metropolitan area, and most people think that it is far from the Olympics.Sports medicine as a doctor ...

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The darkness of diet injection GLP-1

I'm not a diabetic specialist, so I'm not in a position to comment on diabetes medicine ... XNUMX: I will teach the body making of top athletes. I will teach the weight loss of medical trainers and professional boxers.

We supervise the hair removal site.

■ Site name: NetMile Epi URL: ① [2020 definitive edition] Hair removal salon recommended ranking | Thorough comparison of 6 popular salons URL: https: // epilati…

Staff recruitment

Recruitment requirements Salary Monthly salary ¥ 20.0-¥ 40.0 Overtime pay separate, bounty system available <Trial period available> 1 month-3 months / hourly wage 1,000 yen or more Store name / working place ・ Sakae clinic 1 walk ...

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New corona countermeasures. Heat generation countermeasures

The new coronavirus is spreading all over the world. Anxiety is widespread because no effective treatment has been established. When you have a fever, you are very anxious about getting a cold, flu or new coronavirus. Suddenly taking antipyretics is an anti-whit…

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world's first! Stretch book supervised by a doctor 私が監修しております、自律神経の書が発売されました。 これまでのストレッチの概念を覆す画期的な内容となっております。 すでに多くのトップアスリートも実践いただき大きな成果を …

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Miradry treatment marks

We have received consultations about the recurrence of wakiga and hyperhidrosis almost every day, but the number of consultations on the recurrence of Miradry treatment has increased rapidly in the summer. Many people have received explanations for complete cure in 1 times. Repeated recurrence. Received 3 times of treatment.

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We publish a book on autonomic nerve stretch.

Japan's first new book of stretch that works on autonomic nerves based on medical grounds. Co-authored with Prof. Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Juntendo University School of Medicine. Destroyed the concept of static stretching so far, and now many top athletes and coaches…