Sweat injection

Is Miradry treatment painless?

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Miradry became famous for treatment of hyperhidrosis

Many advertisements publicize its effectiveness and low pain.

However, the current situation is quite different.

It can be asserted that it is unlikely to be completely cured by treatment with 1 times.

In addition, if there is an effect that can be completely cured by 1 treatments, Miradry's theoretical properties will cause burns by applying heat from the epidermis to the dermis and dermis, and applying strong energy to destroy the sweat glands with thermal energy. Downtime more than surgery is required.


A doctor can understand that burns are the most painful of all wounds.

In my side, hyperhidrosis surgery is actually painless unless blood formation or infection occurs.

However, Miradry is definitely painful because of the treatment that causes a lot of burns to the skin.

Miradry ... Anesthesia so there is no pain. I often see advertisements labeled as "This is an excuse."

It is natural that anesthesia is painless, and it applies to all treatments even if you are not Miradry.

The patient wants to know if there is pain after the procedure.

The EL method does not feel pain (some patients complain of soreness as 1-2 days on an individual difference level).

There have been many patients who have suffered from sleep problems and complained of pain that they could not tolerate. There were also cases of scarring after burns, partial necrosis due to treatment by nurses, and pigmentation after ugly burns.


I think Miradry with burn risk is not a treatment that should be performed by a doctor and a nurse.