Cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology Actual situation of trouble No.23

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Vicious infiltration staff aimed at beauty clinics

Beauty clinics have applications and inquiries from people who want to work as many staff members.
Is it becoming a longing profession for women?
However, some were trying to become staff because they demanded unfair money targeting beauty clinics.

K was a woman in her 30s who wanted to accept a clinic and work as a counselor.
At the time of the interview, the impression was weak, but I wanted to work at a beauty clinic, so I decided to give an orientation because of the persistent desire to give me a chance to work.
Orientation is to explain the work at the clinic in the number of days and time desired by the person himself / herself, and to watch DVD viewing and reception work.

It is an opportunity to confirm the work contents at the orientation and clarify whether continuous work is possible.
K has repeatedly expressed his desire to work at the clinic, with the hope of persistent orientation days.

At first, I thought I was very motivated to work, but during the orientation, I started to make terrible statements to the staff.

I started to expose the slander and the inside of a certain beauty clinic where I worked for about two weeks. Moreover, I started to tell that it was an outrageous vice clinic where I was forced to retire because of harassment and bullying.
The former clinic began to speak relentlessly, such as doing unforgivable, unscrupulous, and doing ridiculous things.
Talking about specific management information and patient information, it turned out that K has no concept of compliance with personal information.

Naturally, it is impossible to employ such a person in a medical institution that needs to comply with patient privacy and personal information more than any other company.
K also offered to receive cosmetic treatment during the orientation and performed the treatment.
Naturally, it was later discovered that K was not willing to pay despite the cost of treatment.
After orientation, I told K that I couldn't hire, and the attitude suddenly changed, and I didn't teach you carefully, so I couldn't understand the work, and the staff was terrible.
A few days later, K sent a threatening statement to the clinic.
It was the content that legal action would be taken if the salary was not paid within 3 days (if there was no time card, there was no arrangement such as hourly wage and the orientation was done according to K's desired date) .
I was also involved in third-party intervention.

After that, there was a report from the Labor Standards Inspection Office that the salary was not paid, and I interviewed the person in charge.
The person in charge explained that K was reporting a terrible false report, for example, even though he was not a nurse. It also turned out that the orientation reported that he had worked on a date that had never been to the clinic.
He harassed and slandered the Labor Standards Inspection Office.
The labor standards supervisor was also surprised by K's wrongdoing.
It turned out to be a totally random report, and I requested that no workplaces that would be damaged in the same way be left.

I immediately contacted the director of the former workplace and listened to the background and circumstances of K retirement.
It was said that he was retired because he had a problem with the same trick as the staff.
New facts came out one after another when we carried out a thorough investigation because K was very concerned about unjust acts.
Counseling in advance as a preview to the clinic (I was denied when the staff asked me), received surgery at another cosmetic surgery clinic as a monitor, and slandered the cosmetic surgery clinic because I was not satisfied with the results And escaped the duty as a monitor ...
It has become clear from the information of the parties concerned that they are addicted to misconduct and profits aimed at beauty clinics.

Improper conduct immediately after the content certification mail to K was told that a criminal prosecution would be filed, and harassment has ceased. The company was preparing for a criminal prosecution immediately after further slander.
In addition to our 3 clinics, it is expected that many clinics are suffering from K.

I was surprised at the fact that there were people who planned to get inside information and to do extortion and gain unfair profits in various forms such as orientation, staff, and monitors inside the clinic.
In order to absolutely protect the personal information of patients, we think that it is necessary to have a strict policy for such persons.