Horrible medical practice hidden in cosmetic surgery, 2

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~ What causes the cosmetic surgery death? Exploring the reality The horrible medical practice hidden in discounted cosmetic surgery

There are no medical treatments that have different prices in each clinic than cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology.
In one cosmetic surgeryDouble fenceThe surgery is 18 10,000 yen, and in certain cosmetic surgery, 9800 yen,Botox injectionThere are 1 or 3000 for a cosmetic surgery, and 3 million for a cosmetic surgery.
What is this difference?

I feel that the low-cost, low-quality cosmetic surgery business is destroying the future of original cosmetic surgery.
PRP therapyFor 3 million yen.
Despite the kit costing more than 3 10,000 yen ...

This mechanism naturally reduces the quality of the kit to the utmost limit, and does not follow the procedure that is originally performed.
There are cosmetic surgery clinics that use kits that do not actually have a dental effect or use simple blood collection tubes.
Of course, almost no effect can be expected.
An even greater risk is hidden behind the procedure.

Recently, the clinic has sold a discount aesthetic medicine to the clinic. It has been undergoing a system called Fraxel 2 at a fast-growing cosmetic surgery clinic. A thought patient came to the hospital for consultation.

The patient's face is pigmented and of course the expected effect is not felt at all.
I regretted that I was treated at a discounted price in a magazine advertisement.
Surprisingly, nurses, not doctors, explain the treatment at the cosmetic surgery clinic.

Fractional laserIs one of the most risky treatments in cosmetic dermatology because of possible downtime.
A person who does not have a doctor's qualification even under the control of a doctorFractional laserIt is not allowed under the Medical Doctor Law to irradiate patients with
Obviously a violation of the physician law.

It is a terrible act that was conceived in order to discount the treatment cost and attract customers.
When inquiring to a sales agent regarding this treatment and equipment, we are instructing doctors to treat it as much as possible. Reply ...

Did the person in charge think that it was absolutely a risky treatment that the doctor would do, if possible? Well, yes. The word was muddy.
Fractional laserIt is absolutely impossible for a nurse to give the correct irradiation.
This is because the treatment should be performed while changing the set power, irradiation density, and path after irradiating while diagnosing and observing the reaction of the skin.

None of the nurses can properly diagnose the skin reaction and operate the treatment system.
If an instrument sells, it will be self-explanatory for what usage and who will use it. Is it the only thing I think is too bad?

In order not to lose the quality of aesthetic medicine at the clinic, it is necessary for the specialist to take care of the patient carefully and carefully while examining the patient.
This limits the number of patients who can be treated in 1 days.
Naturally, it is inevitable that the beauty treatment costs will become a certain amount for management purposes.

There are a lot of flashy discounted advertisements in local monthly magazines, but the clinic's policy is that absolutely no similar advertisements or PR should be done, and excessive advertisements and PR that comply with Article 69 of the Medical Law I think you should refrain.

While the collapse of local medical care is screaming, it is time for the government and the media to warn the government that the low-quality cosmetic treatment should be performed firmly in order to receive a high-priced reward for inexperienced doctors by inflowing into cosmetics easily. I think.
Recently, there has been a surge in the number of consultations for patients who are having troubles and suffering from discount cosmetics.
I hope that the patient who has read this column will have time to think carefully before receiving aesthetic medicine.

Medical care should not have a discount advantage.
We believe that medical care should always provide patients with a level of service that can be performed within their relatives.