Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Troubles (Special Column)

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~ Causes of cosmetic surgery deaths? Explore the reality. Terrible medical practice hidden in discounted cosmetic surgery

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The other day, each media reported a fatal accident report at the major cosmetic surgery chain S cosmetic surgery clinic. Last year there were also two fatal accidents, and there have already been many fatal accidents in S cosmetic surgery.
It is a well-known clinic group that performs discount cosmetic surgery with a thorough reduction in the quality of manual medical care, which is famous in the industry.

Experienced cosmetic surgeons are never hired, and they are famous for not conducting academic study sessions or exchanging opinions.
It is also a cosmetic surgery clinic that is famous for performing extreme miscellaneous surgery.
Of course, doctors belonging to this cosmetic surgery group rarely make presentations or participate in academic conferences.
This is because it is detrimental for this cosmetic surgery group to never learn or introduce legitimate cosmetic surgery.
In other words, a low-cost, low-quality, revenue-generating business model that pursues only management-side benefits, not patient benefits, has been created.

Physicians from this cosmetic surgery clinic group who have opened their own cosmetic surgery often operate cosmetic surgery clinics using the same method of attracting customers and surgical procedures.

To me, not only patients who have undergone surgery in S Cosmetic Surgery, but also many patients who have undergone surgery by a doctor from S Cosmetic Surgery and become extremely unnatural and come to correction. S Self-proclaimed cosmetic surgeon who recognizes that it is the best and everything he has learned or experienced in cosmetic surgery and performs similar cosmetic surgery.
There seems to be a doctor who calls himself charismatic.
Are all 100 people really satisfied with liposurgery after 100 surgeries?
S What level of cosmetic surgery experience is compared to the current level of cosmetic surgery?

Cutting costs and reducing costs can be a significant risk for patients other than financial benefits.
S Cosmetic Surgery has been flashing PR with the best technology and advertising, but the doctor with the best technology refuses solid aftercare at the extreme low cost of surgery and only the lowest price medical material There is no beauty treatment to adopt.

The Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society and the Japan Cosmetic Surgeons Association have never evaluated this cosmetic surgery clinic as having the best technology.
S. My friend's cosmetic surgeon has experienced many patients who have had major problems at the Surgery Clinic and have made corrections.

A 70-year-old woman was killed by this liposuction. It is an incident that should be taken seriously.

Is it advisable to recommend liposuction to an elderly person of 70 years old?
Is it legal to ignore aftercare?
Was the necessary tests performed before surgery such as blood tests and electrocardiographs?
Was an appropriate operation performed by an experienced doctor under strict control?

S I don't think we can get a satisfactory answer from cosmetic surgery.

In addition to S Cosmetic Surgery, a major accident occurred in 2009 in the Kanto area cosmetic surgery group that sold a discount.
Even though there are no cosmetic surgeons or supervising doctors, it seems to be an accident caused by PR and publicly gathering customers and doing miscellaneous anesthesia.

Are there any benefits to discount medical care?
Do patients really understand the risks?

To date, many cosmetic surgery accidents have occurred at cosmetic surgery clinics that have lost their quality due to price competition.
Perhaps a surprising number and content may be hidden in the actual situation of fatalities in cosmetic surgery clinics that are doing low-cost cosmetic surgery, possibly including S cosmetic surgery clinics.

In the future of cosmetic surgery, we will once again determine the quality of medical care, and we need to provide more reliable medical care from the perspective of patients.

If you don't have the right skills, knowledge, and experience as a cosmetic surgeon and the ability to deal with any trouble, you will need humility to refrain from surgery.

I hope that cosmetic surgery is scary, that cosmetic surgery is an outrageous medical practice, and that cosmetic surgeons are antisocial.