Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Actual situation of trouble No19

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Scared Kramer patient

In cosmetic surgery, it is necessary to deal with aggressive and persistent claims from unreasonable Kramers.

The Kramer may make a complaint after the treatment for the purpose of receiving free cosmetic treatment from the beginning, or may change his mind from the middle and make an unreasonable request to a medical institution and request a refund of the treatment fee.

In any case, it seems that these claimers often request returns and refunds of goods used at stores other than medical institutions.

There is a Kramer countermeasure manual for both hotels and department stores. This is a case where even a slight mistake makes a connection and charges the accommodation fee or charges a stipend.

Unfortunately, in private clinics like us, it is never possible to treat a patient as a Kramer from the beginning. .

There are actually Kramers that specifically target people in the medical position.

Return the full treatment fee because it cannot be completely removed by the treatment of stains. There was a patient who demanded relentlessly.

Even if it is related to the cost of treatment Is it a planned claim to ask for a refund after treatment despite discounting and receiving treatment at the campaign price? I doubt.

“Due to the counseling when the stain is completely removed, the stain has not been removed!”

I ’m going to say something ridiculous. First of all, as a doctor, there is no guarantee that the stain will be completely removed.
Because there are spots that can only be controlled and disappear, such as melasma. In many cases, even thinning is effective enough.

There is a traditional claimer who makes an aggressive claim against a few remaining spots.

I don't want to give up on one-sided claims that the staff does not respond well, lacks explanations, is too expensive, or that things are different. Some patients make intimidating claims.

Until now, I thought that I would have to respond to a refund because I feared the risk of taking time to such unreasonable patients, but I will explain it firmly as a medical institution and give you materials. If there is no problem with the treatment currently effective in medicine, you will never succumb to unreasonable claims.

Medical troubles include mistakes and negligence on the part of medical institutions and doctors, but there are also facts that there are patients who have an unusual adhesive temperament called Kramer.

In the past, there was a case where a medical certificate was forged by an acquaintance's doctor and requested a refund.

When I told the doctor who filed a counterfeit medical certificate through the clinic's counsel, I changed my attitude, and there was no unreasonable demand.

Prioritizing Kramer with hospitality and explaining acceptable re-treatment is a priority, but it is unfortunate that repeated unreasonable requests or acts that could be threatened are legal. You have to deal with it.

Although doctors are obliged to ensure and protect the patient's health and medical care, I have learned from actual cases that they must protect themselves from the fear of Kramer.

It is regrettable that we need to take measures against Kramer as a medical institution so that we can spend a lot of time on these Kramers and not neglect the treatment of other patients.