Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Actual situation of trouble No17

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Nagoya's unscrupulous cosmetic surgeon who was arrested and went bankrupt

Graduated from former Imperial University School of Medicine, turned into a cosmetic surgeon with no experience → arrested for violating the Doctoral Law, suspension of medical practice, self-bankruptcy

In 1997, an incident occurred in Nagoya where an unscrupulous cosmetic surgeon was arrested for violating the Doctoral Law and went bankrupt. A 50-year-old S doctor who was a graduate of the former Imperial University School of Medicine and served as a lecturer in thoracic surgery at a private medical university in Aichi Prefecture. We started a cosmetic surgery clinic without any training or experience because cosmetic surgery is profitable.

I have become a cosmetic surgeon and I can easily do any surgery! PR was his sale. It seems that the waiting room was proudly decorated with a doctor's certificate and former Imperial University diploma.

I left the clinic at the university and was in charge of animal experiments. The pride was so high that I was the first to do breast augmentation while referring to the book with the belief that I can do any surgery because I am a cosmetic surgeon.

However transfer, increasing more and more amount to appeal the patient started in local anesthesia is the pain, the patient is a state of shock in the local anesthesia poisoning, to the Red Cross hospital in the ambulance did not recover. Unconscious for several days. Although life was barely safe, damage to the brain remained and amnesia occurred. I was able to hear the details of the horror at that time from the staff who worked under Dr. S later.

If it is a common sense doctor, I will be depressed here and carefully perform the operation, but Dr. S who always starts the operation with the momentum of alcohol is convinced that my arm was good because it did not cause a death accident The spurious surgery was accelerated even further. All failures and troubles are the result of the patient. Because you moved, your skin was rotten, because you weren't resting. I'm a veteran chest surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon, so I can't make mistakes.

In addition, Dr. S had a friend man who worked for a real estate company hired as the general manager as a fake doctor to perform medical treatment. When I went to Hawaii, I was arrested for an incident that caused this secretary to perform medical practice and caused trouble, and was widely reported as the top article in a local newspaper. Even after this, he had repeatedly suffered medical problems.

Many of the victims visited my clinic after Dr. S went bankrupt and went missing. A female patient who became a depressed state and became depressed because it was greatly swollen with a scalpel with a scalpel, and a kind of disease of sexually transmitted disease called Condyloma was chopped up with an electric scalpel A young female patient, a young female patient who suffers from difficulty in raising the upper arm, with necrosis caused by excessive shaving of the skin due to the operation of wakiga. Many young female patients were suffering from Dr. S.

Dr. S's wrongdoing was also famous in Nagoya. He was a doctor of medicine, former Imperial University, thoracic surgeon, university lecturer and strong elite consciousness, and he seemed not to listen to others' opinions. It was later found out that the university retired due to problems related to women and surgery. It goes without saying that the incident caused by Dr. S caused serious damage not only to the patient but also to the university staff and the doctors who worked at this clinic.

An incident very similar to Dr. S, who was arrested in Yokohama last year, had already occurred in Nagoya more than 10 years ago. Because I am from a famous university, because I am a doctor of medicine, because I am a confident teacher, it was a lesson that did not necessarily have the qualities of a cosmetic surgeon. Now that the medical suspension has been resolved, Dr. S may be treating a scalpel as a cosmetic surgeon somewhere.